Broadcast 286 (Special Edition)

12 Dec 2004 Ann B. Parson
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Ann B. Parson, author of “The Proteus Effect: Stem Cells and Their Promise for Medicine," joins us for an in-depth discussion and examination of stem cell research. Ms. Parson begins this discussion with a working definition of stem cells, the various kinds of stem cells, the probable use in medical research, and how they are obtained. We also talked about the status of stem cell research in other nations, what the U.S. policy is regarding stem cell research, what is happening at various state levels, and how even federally funded researchers are able to do quality research with embryonic stem cells. Questions from listeners dealt with the S. Korean news story about a woman walking again after only 13 or 14 days from having been treated with stem cells at a Korean medical school, to issues pertaining to the ethics and morality of working with stem cells, to questions regarding stem cell research in zero gravity. Several listeners sent in either comments or research articles pertaining to the potential benefit of zero g stem cell research and those citations are available by listening to the program or contacting me. Ms. Parson discussed lots of aspects of stem cell research, the most likely medical problems to initially benefit from the research, then the more complex. We even discussed possible medical treatments purporting stem cell solutions that may be available in countries other than the United States. As you will see when listening to this program, while we were off the space topic, there were many links to space development, providing even more reasons to support our quest to become fully space-faring. This is a great program and Ann Parson is masterful in guiding us through this complex subject and in understanding what stem cell research means for us all in the not too distant future. Having read her book, I also strongly recommend it. Not only is it a terrific read, it is most informative and you will not want to put it down.



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