Broadcast 1343 (Special Edition)

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Guests: Gary Moir and Don Harvey. Topics: Apollo 13, Lunar Module Descent Engine (LMDE), Apollo history. As this week celebrates the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13, our guests Gary Moir and Don Harvey talked about their Apollo and Apollo 13 experiences, the Apollo space program, and space policy and programs today. In our first segment, Gary started the discussion with a look back on the Apollo program and Apollo13. He talked about what it was like being called out of a USC class and flown to Houston to work the Apollo 13 propulsion problem. He then explained the LMDE challenges and the simulations they had and what they did. You certainly will want to hear this story and the details as we have not heard it before. Later in this segment, Don shared his experiences and perspectives and we concluded the segment with Don talking about his rocket propulsion article which is on the web. As we started the second segment, Don said we could find his article at Select Spectrum and then select the article by Don titled "ROCKET PROPULSION - THE APOLLO MISSION" As a result of listener questions, both our guests commented on the uniqueness of the time in which Apollo existed as compared to the times of today for our modern space program. Another listener asked what they thought of the idea of the new program being "Apollo on Steroids" given they were involved with the original Apollo program. You will find their comments and perspectives on this to be most interesting. In our third and final segment, our guests told us engine related stories from their Arnold Engineering Development Center experiences. We also learned about Jerry Elverum and his rocket engine technology/engineering contributions. John from Atlanta called in near the end of the show to ask about the design of a future lunar lander and the possibility of using cryogenic fuels. This produced an interesting discussion that you do not want to miss. If you have a question or comment for either of our guests, please send it to me and I will forward it to the guest of your choice.



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12 Apr 2010 Gary Moir, Don Harvey
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