Broadcast 942 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

11 May 2008 Greg Zsidisin
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Guest: Greg Zsidisin was the guest for this special extra-long Mother's Day Space Show program clocking in at around 2 hours, 12 minutes. During the program, Dr. Buzz Aldrin called in twice . Bill Haynes , who was with Skylab and the Minuteman missile program , also called Greg. We started the discussion with Greg talking about his recent series of articles in The Space Review ( To find them, go to "The Space Review" homepage and in the search box in the upper right, put in Greg's last name. Greg walked us through the space policy differences among the three presidential candidates, plus the likely policy of Ron Paul. You will want to hear this discussion. We talked about Obama's policy regarding taking from NASA's budget in order to pay for his "under five" educational program. Listen to this discussion and read about it and see what you think about this issue. At this time, Buzz Aldrin called in and talked about the work he was doing with the Eisenhower Foundation to support the VSE with key members of Congress and policymakers. Buzz was with us for quite a while and this proved to be an excellent discussion among Greg, myself and Buzz. You will not want to miss it. When Buzz left the show, Greg was asked several other listener questions. These questions ranged from our policies and treaties being able to cope with space commerce to the best way individuals can speak out and help, given the understanding that organizations are often restricted in what they can do because of the 501C(3) rules and regulations. About this time, we got a call from Bill Haynes, a friend of Buzz's, who held opposite views than Buss and he advocated the private sector building a space transportation system rather than doing government contracts and partnering with the government and NASA. Listen to this discussion and then decide if you agree. I am working with Mr. Haynes to bring him back for a full show on some of the issues he mentioned. Both Greg and I, while not disagreeing with Bill, were of the thought that we still have a government/civil space program that needs the support and attention of the public. You will want to listen to Greg on this subject. Later in the show, Buzz called back and continued these discussion themes. As we approached the end of this extra-long program, Greg told us about his space contest which you can read about at his website He is offering a thousand dollars (as you will hear, I tried to get him to offer Euros as a bigger incentive, but he held to the dollar standard) for the best YouTube video articulating "Why Space?" Visit his site, listen to this discussion, and enter the contest. He believes the contest will take place from June 1-July 20, but he has not finalized these dates. Also, he is the sole judge so to win, you must "wow" him! Also during the show, we did talk about YouTube and its potential impact on space policy and space development as well as the soon-to-be Space Show YouTube show. Listen to what Greg has to say about this. If you want to contact Greg Zsidisin regarding his contest, comments, or questions for this show, please do so through and



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