Broadcast 359 (Special Edition)

11 Jul 2005 Scott Stride
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Scot Stride, a senior engineer at NASA JPL in Pasadena, California, was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Stride discussed SETI programs with us and highlighted his discussion with the SETI alternatives, SETV (Search for ET Visitation) and S3ETI (Solar System SETI). Mr. Stride provided listeners with a superb background and history on SETI, how it started and how it became what it is today. Mr. Stride also discussed the Allen Telescope Array and what it will mean for future SETI efforts. Mr. Stride focused much of his discussion on searching for probes and matter markers within our solar system, how to do it, and why it is so important. We took listener questions in the last segment of the program and learned about the existence of the SETI protocol should contact be confirmed, that home SETI kits are available through the SETI League, that the SETI search efforts are global, not just here in the States, and much more. Listeners should visit Mr. Stride's website as the historical SETI JPL papers mentioned during the first part of the program are on his site as are his own published papers regarding SETI and Solar System SETI. Visit Listeners can contact Mr. Stride at or through me at During this program, Mr. Stride represented his personal views and was not speaking for JPL.



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