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Guest:  Joe Carroll;  Topics:  Artificial gravity, Starship as a tanker, space settlement, debris mitigation, solar system surface gravity, Joe's recent Space Review Article, "How to clarify human futures beyond Earth."
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We welcomed Joe Carroll back to the show for a two hour discussion on artificial gravity, space settlement concerns, Starship and more.  There was a focus on Joe's Dec. 6, 2021 Space Review article,  "How to clarify human futures beyond Earth."  There were multiple email questions plus listener phone calls engaging Joe in detailed and sometimes lengthy conversations.  In addition, during the early part of the program, Joe was asked how he got started in this field so he provided us with a mini-history version of his space career. 

One of the more surprising things Joe said during this show what that he thought Starship should remain an Earth to LEO vehicle, not going further out into space.  He said if it did go further our it should be as a tanker.  He spent considerable time explaining this comments so be sure not to miss it.  You might want to post your own thoughts about this idea on our blog.

Another mini-discussion that took place with callers centered around the need to figure out the gravity RX for humans on the Moon or elsewhere.  This discussion, led by a phone call from Fremont John, focused on the need to have children as part of a settlement otherwise it would not be a settlement. To this degree, John, has he has said on many Space Show programs, said we needed to figure out if we could reproduce at lunar or some other gravity rate because reproduction and children were needed to have a sustainable settlement.  Another listener Dr. Doug disputed the need for children or reproducing to have a settlement.  While he did agree that the gravity RX was needed, he did not agree with John that it was the top priority or that reproduction and children were needed for space settlement.  Joe also played a role in this discussion. While this discussion was on again off again on the program, Marshall called suggesting sporting events for lunar gravity on a colony.  Joe and Marshall had a good time speculating about different events including handballs and flying with attached wings. 

Questions were asked of Joe about surface settlements compared to the O'Neill cylinder idea which could spin at 1g.  You definitely want to hear what Joe had to say in this part of the discussion.  In terms of structures, Joe talked about inflatables and suggested they might play a larger role than one might expect.  Reusability with rockets was discussed along with artificial gravity.  Joe addressed the Artemis project and the Gateway.  You might be surprised by what he had to say about both.

As this was a nearly two hour show, most of the time went by with our callers engaging Joe in lengthy and detailed discussions.   These discussion themes are outlined in our tags and key words  so check them out.  Post your thoughts on the blog regarding your liking or disliking long caller discussions with the guests.

If you have comments/questions for Joe Carroll, please post them on our blog for this show.  If you want to reach any of our callers or those sending in an email, let me know.




Joe is back with AG updates, tethers, technology and more

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11 Jan 2022 Joe Carroll
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