Broadcast 652 (Special Edition)

11 Jan 2007 Dan Schlund
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Rocketman (Dan Schlund) was the guest for this special Space Show program. Rocketman (Dan) puts on a rocket belt/pack, and blasts off flying with a rocket to entertain crowds, students, everyone. In talking to Dan for this two hour show, we learned a lot about rockets, flying with one, about being a stuntman, and even about professional fireworks displays. Dan talked about fear with the rocket belt and how fear is useful, even necessary. We extrapolated much of what he said about fear and rockets to astronauts riding the rocket and also to the developing space tourism industry. Don't miss what he said about these comparisons. Dan fielded many listener questions about a large variety of issues and questions. He also received suggestions for where to fly such as Niagara Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Royal Gorge and more. We talked about rocket fuels and listeners asked him about other types of possible specialized fuels. We discussed rocket engines and learned that Powerhouse Productions which has Rocketman makes their own rocket engines. Dan answered questions about speed, altitude, g-forces, and much more. Not only is this a wonderful and entertaining two hour program, it was extremely informative about subjects we do not often get to talk about. Rocketman is available for private parties but a bit pricey. He will likely fly again at X Prize Cup in the fall of 2007 and if you have not seen him blast off, I urge you to be there. He is also great with photo ops and autographs. Check out the websites. The first is for the company behind Rocketman, Powerhouse Productions. Visit If you want to email him about Rocketman issues, send your note to Dan's personal website which has the video and pictures from his recent Rose Bowl Parade flight, visit You can email Dan about most anything including follow up comments or questions. Please use



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