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Guests:  Brett Hoffstadt and Steve Tanaka;  Their new children's bedtime story book, "Goodnight Moon Base."  Topics:  We discussed the book, the illustrations, inspiring young children to dream big and do big things, to learn about the Moon and much more.

We welcomed back Brett Hoffstadt to the show plus this time he returned with his terrific illustrator Steve Tanaka to discuss their new children's bedtime story book, Goodnight Moon.  Visit the book's website for more information and to see the illustrations,  Note that they also have published a coloring book version of the book.  See  Please remember that if you order either version of the book, use the Amazon button on our home page so that Amazon will donate a part of the purchase price to OGLF/The Space Show.

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We welcomed back Brett Hoffstadt with his friend and illustrator Steve Tanaka to discuss the transition form Boeing engineering to adult space books to a children's bedtime story book about the Moon.  It was an interesting story, including the part how Steve got involved as he was not a book illustrator, certainly not one for children.  I believe they hit it big with this book so do check it out.  Keep in mind that even if you don't have children of the age for a bedtime story, you might know families that do and this book would make a great birthday or other gift.  Or for a grandparent to have at his or her house when the little one comes to play or gets dropped off so the parents can go out and play.  There are endless possibilities to get this book, the Moon, inspiration, some basic engineering and physics in front of a young child for purposes of inspiring him or her.  Also, reading it to the child as sleep arrives might mean great space and inspirational dreams while sleeping.  You just might be helping to create the next big space player for the benefit of humanity, as suggested by Space Show Mission and Vision statements.

While we did talk about how Brett wrote the book and transitioned to a bedtime story book author plus Steve undertaking the illustrations, we talked about the importance of inspiring kids, how they did with their Moonbase story, and more. When our guests were asked if their story had a dog or cat in it like the books I had as a kid that taught me to read with Dick, Jane and Spot (yeah, I know, really dating myself here), we learned no dog or cat was in the story but there was an elephant with the name Elontusk.  Listen to our guests for the story of Elontusk the elephant on the Moon.

Listeners suggested ways to do more effective outreach such as gifts for birthdays and holidays, school and public libraries plus I suggested pediatric dental and doctor offices rather than just having the usual kids magazines and maybe some blocks.  Also, if there are children's hospital clinics in your area, most of the specialties have reading and even play waiting rooms.  How about buying a few books and donating them to these centers.  Help the kids who are likely in a lousy situation by being there in the first place by giving them an inspirational story to read, teach them a little something about the Moon and maybe inspire the next generation astronaut, aerospace engineer or space advocate that might make a positive difference.  I suggest being proactive in helping to find creative ways to get Goodnight Moon Base out to kids and their parents.

One listener asked about the coloring book so don't miss that one.  Fremont John called in with a few questions and asked about the science experiments which were listed as part of the book's website.  Don't miss that connection to the bedtime story.

Please post your comments/questions for either or both of our guests on our blog for this show.  You can reach Brett or Steve through me or through the Goodnight Moon Base website. 




Brett and Steve talk about their new book & effort through their bedtime book “Goodnight Moon Base.” See

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11 Feb 2022 Brett Hoffstadt, Steve Tanaka
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