Broadcast 850 (Special Edition)

11 Dec 2007 Christopher Stott
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Guest: Christopher Stott. Chris Stott was the guest for this program. We began our discussion with Chris offering us an introduction to both space industry on the Isle of Man and the company he founded, ManSat. This discussion led us to more detailed discussions regarding space commerce, space education such as the International Space University, space law and treaties, property rights, and the potential impact on space law/property rights depending on which nation will be the first back to the Moon. We also talked about the VSE, NASA, and the importance of the public space program for the betterment of humanity. A listener asked about Old and New Space and Chris had much to say about this topic. Space tourism was brought up as a possible market maker along with the importance of closing the business case for any space venture. One listener asked about space transportation from Point A to Point B. You will want to hear what Chris had to say about this potential business and its needed regulatory regime. Another listener asked Chris what inspired him growing up on the Isle of Man and we learned about his love for space and sci-fi at an early age, including his love for the works of Robert Heinlein. This interview with Chris Stott is far ranging and comprehensive on a variety of interesting and important topics. You will certainly want to listen to it. Please send your comments or questions to Chris Stott by at or by visiting



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