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Guest:  Brian Barnett; Topics:  Solstar Space Co, wifi hots spots in space, wifi communications space to Earth, wifi communications from and to space, FCC applicable regulations, markets and potential growth. Wifi in deep space,

We welcomed Brian Barnett, CEO of Solstar Space Company, to discuss their satellite communication business, wifi hotspots in space, and much more.  Please visit their website for more information at   Note that their theme is "Connecting Everything in Space to Everyone on Earth."  Our program was a one segment 78 minute program featuring Solstar, their space based wifi hotspots tested with Blue Origin, tweets from space, extending capability beyond LEO and more.  As I have been doing recently, I am copying the key words/Tags below which do a good job summarizing our discussion topics, mostly in the order discussed on air.

Tags and Key Words:   Solstar Space Co., commercial space, demo wifi hotspot in space, Blue Origin, FCC, Brian's satellite company experience, NASA Flight Opportunities Program, R&D satellite products, need for demo flights, LEO, suborbital flights, smart phones, space domain addresses, industry market size, market analysis, ITAR, ISS as an example, jet to space connectivity, Dragon and SpaceX with wifi, commercial tweet from space, competition, global customer base, Starlink, One Webb, KPMG commercial space reports, KPMG and Spaceport America, impact of billionaires in space commerce, inspiration, ten year time line, social media, Solstar Space Co. mailing list, Deke Slayton.

Additional topics that stood out included Brian's discussion in some detail regarding space to Earth, Earth to space and jets in flight communicating to a space based wifi hot spot.  He took us through the technology and many of the possible applications which seemed unlimited as we further develop our space opportunities.  This conversation was followed with questions about a lunar, Mars or free space settlement wifi connecting back to Earth.  Don't miss what was said in response to these questions.  Additional listener email questions focused on research and development for the satellites, the needed technology and could there be a space based domain service.  Todd sent in a note asking if a space tourist could text messages back to family and friends on Earth.  The short answer was yes but be sure to listen to all of what our guest said on this topic.  Another topic was public wifi hotspot capability for the ISS.

Brian fielded multiple business questions, including questions about possible competitors, market growth with timelines, plus consumer pricing.  Chris out of Tucson asked if their wifi hotspots were on the SpaceX Dragon capsule.  Don't miss what Brian said about their technology and SpaceX.  As for product pricing, our guest said that was not yet public but they could charge by the minute, by the flight, or using other mechanisms. 

Our guest provided us with a history lesson as he discussed satellite constellations, including the early attempt with Iridium, Teledesic and others.  I asked him about his work at KPMG, their amazing early one of a kind commercial space industry report and if he knew my friend and long time Space Show guest, Shubber Ali.  Brian and I had quite the discussion remembering the early one of a kind KPMG commercial space work.  Don't miss this discussion.  As we were nearing the end of our discussion, we talked about inspiration and business people doing things in space and the role of billionaires in the emerging and developing commercial space industries.  Before ending, our guest talked about a ten year timeline for the industry.

Please post your comments/questions on the blog for this show.  You can get on their mailing list if you follow the email instructions our guest suggested as the program was about to end.  You can contact our guest through me or his website which was listed earlier in this summary.




Introducing SolStar for space to space communications and more

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11 Aug 2020 Brian Barnett
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