Broadcast 479 (Special Edition)

11 Apr 2006 Eric R. Hedman
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Eric R. Hedman was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Hedman began the discussion with an overview of engineering as it relates to and the larger space industry. In this discussion, we explored alt. space being too simple for complex engineering tasks or making things overly complex when they could be done much simpler. The same set of questions was asked about NASA. Mr. Hedman explained to us how reality was a little of both so you won't want to miss this complete discussion. Mr. Hedman discussed in detail the importance of the private sector and entrepreneurial space development efforts in conjunction with government programs. We talked about how to make both stronger and more successful. Other issues came up such as engineering for radiation shielding, HE3 and fusion possibilities and the testing protocols to determine the feasibility of either. In fact, testing and engineering protocols were discussed throughout this show with good parallels being made to other terrestrial engineering projects. The VSE was discussed from an engineering and political policy perspective. We also talked about the competition that seems to exist within NASA regarding the human space flight program and the science missions. Eric pointed out how things run in cycles and also how cost overruns can delay, defer or even eat up the budget for another project. For example, while everyone is greatly pleased that the Mars rovers have lasted so long and way over their intended life, it costs additional money to keep the program alive and functioning and that money comes at the expense of other science missions. Its not clear that the science missions are being gutted for the human space flight program as many other issues and situations exist. You will certainly want to hear this discussion near the end of the program. You can contact Eric Hedman for additional comments and questions by using



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