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Guest:  Dr. Namrata Goswami; Topics: U.S. space and national security policy and impact post Afghanistan, how the U.S. can salvage important relationships post the Afghanistan "blunder" and "disaster"

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We welcomed back to the program Dr. Namrata Goswami to discuss our national space security and policy post Afghanistan. Note that late in the program our commented when a question came in that she had addressed a similar topic in a short talk just a few weeks earlier. She sent me the link to her 8 minute talk which I have posted on the blog.  Don't miss it.

We started our discussion with our guest talking about the space industry impact of Covid on India and China.  With India, it caused delays in many of their programs including a pushback on their human spaceflight program to LEO for next year.  As for China, they are seen as being successful and mostly on time with their missions.  She mentioned the Long March 5, their space station, and their Mars lander as examples.  Our guest suggested their success and on time record had much to with their five year plans, the Chinese having made space part of their critical infrastructure, their early Covid response, and their goal setting.  Let us know what you think are the reasons for the Chinese staying on time with space projects.

Our guest had much to say about the CCP establishing legitimacy and for the legitimacy to be recognized by the U.S.  To facilitate this, China creates partnerships with the UN, national space agencies, and with nations and regions through the use of their Belt and Road policy.  As an example, Dr. Goswami mentioned Africa with the African Union forming space and other partnerships with China and UN office.  As for what happened in Afghanistan, she said it was a big win for China.  So was their creating a relationship with the Taliban.  Our guest had lots to say on this topic and the impact on the U.S. so do listen carefully to what Dr. Goswami talked about.  As for the impact on the U.S., she talked about two significant areas including questions about trusting the U.S. in a relationship and would the U.S. be credible going forward in building relationships and quality alliances. 

There were several email questions for our guest.  Jim in Denver wanted to know if others would see their U.S. relationship as one with the people of the U.S. or just with the Biden Administration.  You definitely want to hear what our guest said in response to what Jim was asking.  At times she referred to the Biden blunder and to lies being told by the administration as very damaging to our country.  All of this struck at the trust and credibility of the U.S.  Namrata elaborated on these comments so once again, be sure to listen to all of what our guest was saying.  In addition, let us know what you think regarding these matters so post your thoughts and comments on or blog. 

Ft. Worth John called to ask questions about Pakistan and the Punjab Provence possibility of resistance to the Taliban.  In addition, John asked our guest about the impact of what the U.S. did in Afghanistan on Japan, our security and defense relationship plus he wondered if Japan might decide to take on more defense themselves and not count on the U.S.  John also wanted to know if Namrata thought Japan would consider going nuclear.  Namrata had lots to say with John regarding Japan so don't miss it as Japan is a critical ally of the U.S.  She did not think Japan would scrap or modify Article 9 and go nuclear for their defense.  What do you think?

Following the discussion with John, Namrata was asked if what happened in Afghanistan weakened the Artemis program.  She thought it did and then brought up two ways for the U.S. to restore/salvage its reputation and trust.  One way was for the U.S. to clearly state a space policy with goals to absolutely be accomplished over the next 15 years.  The goals would be backed up by U.S. investment.  Next, she suggested the U.S. must be visible in conflicts, especially with China. Here she mentioned the problems with Taiwan and China.  Namrata said we had to make it clear that we would not tolerate interference regarding Taiwan.  Similar comments were made regarding our Atlantic partners and alliances including NATO.  Don't miss all of what our guest said on these issues. 

Listener Sherry from Phoenix was blunt about her question.  She wanted to know if nations, including our friends, could make the distinction that the blunders were on Biden but were not on the country as a whole.  You will be surprised by how Namrata responded to this question so listen to the commentary and then let us know what you think with by posting to our blog.  After our guest responded to Sherry, we took an email from Jack who wanted to know if the U.S. entrepreneurs and many U.S businesses would continue to operate in China or would there be regulations or other impediments to this activity put in place by either country.  Our guest did not see this activity changing but as before, listen to all of what our guest had to say on this topic, 

As we were approaching the end of our discussion, Judy in San Francisco waned to know if Namrata saw the dollar remaining the international currency of choice or would that change post Afghanistan.  Once again our guest had much to say regarding this subject plus she provided us with a possible timeline for dollar stability if we do nothing or should we continue with weak policy making by not defending the dollar.  Dr. Goswami went over the suggestions for defending the dollar plus the link I posted from her on the blog helps to address this issue.  Once again, clear goals are needed, not just in space but across the board in all our activities and relationships.  Among other comments, Namrata said we lack the clear vision that China has.  In addition, China now sees itself as an equal to the US which is a game changers. Listen to her explanation and why this is so important for China and for us to understand. 

Please post your comments/questions on our blog for this program.  You can reach Dr. Goswami through me here at The Space Show.




U.S. space and national security in Asia post Afghanistan with Dr. Goswami

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10 Sep 2021 Dr. Namrata Goswami
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