Broadcast 1052 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

10 Nov 2008 Dr. Jay C. Buckey, Dr. James Cartreine, Dr. Raphael Rose
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Guests: Dr. James Cartreine, Dr. Jay Buckey, and Dr. Raphael Rose were the guests for this special Space Show program focusing on the NSBRI "Self-Guided Depression Treatment on Long-Duration Spaceflights." We began this discussion with our guests explaining the purpose and mechanics of the Self-Guided Depression Treatment computer program for use by the astronauts. Along with listener questions, we went into detail about this self-help program which will complete testing and studies by mid-2009 and then be put into service by the space program and possibly into general public distribution. We also talked about conflict management and stress management, how astronauts would use the program, its confidential nature, and how it could supplement more traditional therapy while being a true self-help, effective program. We talked about the application for the program to other sectors of the community, not just the space and astronaut community. One listener brought up the Eliza computer therapy program from the 60s, the effectiveness of self-help programs for addressing depression, especially when counselling was not available. The new program being designed is a multi-media program receiving input from 29 current and former astronauts. It can be used here on Earth and also in route to a space destination such as Mars. Depression and its impact on long duration spaceflight was explored in detail, including complications from other human factors issues such as radiation and bone loss. For more information on the NSBRI program, please email or you can send your comments and questions to me at and I will forward them to the doctor of your choice or the National Space Biomedical Research Institute.



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