Broadcast 118 (Special Edition)

10 May 2003 Chris Gillman
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Chris Gillman, founder of Global Effects, Inc., makers of space suits for the entertainment industry is the guest on this edition of The Space Show. During the program, Mr. Gillman discusses space suits and their history, the different kinds of space suits and their purpose, how they are created and used in the film industry and much more. He also talks about how the actors work in them, and what they do with the suits once a film is completed. He also discusses other movie props that his company supplies, futuristic space suits, and different movie wardrobe items. Mr. Gillman addresses the high cost of aerospace products, the space collector's market, and much more. His personal experiences in the industry, with actors, film makers, and the various space suits is sure to make this one of the most popular Space Show programs.



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