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We welcomed back Dr. Doug Plata for this 1 hour 46 minute two segment discussion concerning several topics of significant interest to Doug and for those wanting to return to the Moon.  In addition, Doug talked about a special teleconference he is hosting Wednesday evening, July 11, 2018.  Listen to him talk about it at the beginning of the second segment as we ended tonight's program.  Check out Doug's website, You can sign up for the organization and news free of charge. If you want to join in on the teleconference which will focus on the first crew makeup for going to the Moon, you can do that from the website as well.   

We started the discussion with Doug sharing his experiences from the initial Falcon Heavy launch.  Doug described the launch experience which he saw from 12 miles away.  Doug then talked about his inflatable lunar lander display that he drove across country and the lackluster results in displaying it.  Don't miss what he said about the launch and the lunar display that he set up in a very visible parking lot adjacent to the Cape. 

Doug talked about displaying his lander at other events including the recent ISDC event in Los Angeles but for logistical reasons that did not happen and there are no other plans to display it.  He said it was 17 feet in diameter and about 60 feet long.  Doug mentioned that he had scale models of his hardware and a 3D printed model of an ice harvester.  You can see photos of these items on his website.

Doug's next topic was the Explore Mars Humans2MarsSummitt in Washington, DC.  Doug had much to say about the event and the networking including his lobbying members of congress while there with a special booklet he printed from his website.  Later in the discussion he told listeners how to get a free copy of the booklet while supplies lasted so if you are interested, I suggest you contact Doug about it ASAP.  Doug talked about getting the book in the hands of key congressional staffers, Senator Ted Cruz and Administrator Bridenstine.  He also went to the Space Policy Institute (SPI0 at GWU (the site of the event) and met key people with the SPI and gave them his booklet.  He had much to say about staffers, Sen. Cruz and Mr. Bridenstine so don't miss his comments.  Doug also mentioned the need for a special Return to the Moon Conference and the conversation he has about this with Rick Tumlinson.

We started the second segment with a special message about his July 11th telecon mentioned earlier in this summary.  Doug then continued talking about the Humans2Mars Summit, the booklets, staffers and networking.  Doug also spent time talking about the type of lunar lander we need.  He had much to say about the Xeus Lander by ULA but the Blue Origin Blue Moon Lander came up so Doug included that in his comment. 

Dour attended the Space Resources Roundtable hosted by the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO.  Our guest had much to say about this event, the content, the participants and the team project he was part of the last day of the event.  Listeners were asking him questions about his networking and lobbying efforts, plus they wanted to know his thoughts on the National Space Council, our lunar return policy with LOP-G, Mars missions, and related items.  Doug talked about Lunar Cots, public private partnerships and thought that the Trump Administration was being poorly advised.  Don't miss his comments on this.  SLS was also discussed in the context of a statement Doug reported on by Bridenstine that maybe suggested when commercial options were really available, SLS might fade away.

As we neared the end of the show, Doug talked about a special NASA Ames teleconference.  Then he promoted his event for Wednesday night which we have referenced in this summary.  Again, check it out and attend via his website,

Please post your comments/suggestions on TSS blog for this show.  Doug can be reached through his website or me.




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10 Jul 2018 Dr. Doug Plata
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