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Guest:  Marshall Martin; Topics:  Climate change and weather, climate model variables, nuclear and SSP solutions, CO2 compared to water vapor and more.

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We welcomed Marshall Martin back to the show to hear his presentation on weather and climate change while looking to SSP and nuclear for solutions.  Note that I have uploaded Marshalls paper to the blog so you can read all of his presentation materials.  As with prior Space Show programs, using the Tags as a guide to the topics discussed and program summary work well for this Space Show program.  For your convenience I have repeated the tags below.

Tags:  Marshall Martin, Marshall's Weather-Climate Change Paper for Feb. 10, 2023 Space Show program, solar constant, climate model accuracy, meteorites, Younger Dryas, Older Dryas, volcanic eruptions, Earth magnetic field, sun and climate, nuclear power and reactors, SSP, sunscreens for planet Earth, the climate change denier, climate chronology of events, CO2 in the atmosphere, scaring young people without reason, countering education indoctrination, micro nuclear power generation, school boards, electric vehicles and reusable technology, NetZero concept, micrometeorites, sunspots and climate, solar flares, natural gas, nuclear waste, thorium, rectenna placement and development, entrepreneurial fusion, climate models and too many variables.

Program discussion highlights for me included the commentary regarding the climate model errors of which there are many, thus the output and conclusions are skewed in a very biased direction.  For example, most of the impact from the sun on Earth's climate is not included in the models.  Another problem was the large distance between temperature/weather reporting stations with significant variation in weather and climate conditions in those data gaps.  This too skews and biases the models and their output.  The omission of cloud information, something very hard to obtain, was also a critical missing component to the models.  Marshall spent significant time on the models, then on the use of nuclear power and micro nuclear reactors for electricity generation.  He explained quite a bit about the micro reactors which as I understand it are not yet operational.  In addition, with other listeners calling or sending in emails, considerable time was spent on the political and cultural problems we face in the use of nuclear power.

Marshall talked about SSP and strongly supported it.  He even spoke about having a moveable beam, something that came up during the recent Dr. Lurio show but was discussed with serious challenges to the idea.  Marshall tended to dismiss the challenges of a moveable or maybe directional beam for getting the SSP to Earth.  This idea was later addressed on the following Space Show program during Open Lines with a call from listener Bill toward the end of that two hour program. 

Marshall cited solar constant statistical information for problems with the models, plus he talked about challenges with recent legislation passed in the U.S. addressing climate change in an extreme and unwarranted manner.  He referred to the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 as an example of extreme and unjustified policy that has the potential to cause significant damage to our economy and to millions of people around the globe. Listen to his explanation.

At this time let me point out three Dr. Jordan Peterson podcast interviews posted to the blog for this show.  One by Mark Europe, two by John Jossy (Fremont John).  If the topic interests you, I strongly urge you to listen to each of these Jordan Peterson interviews.  Even if you hold opposite views to those being interviewed and possibly with Marshall, hearing excellent factual arguments from a different perspective might be worthwhile for you to do. By the way, as I said on air and I will say now, I will offer equal time to guests with opposite views to those of Marshall or those interviewed in the Jordan Peterson interviews.  If you want to present the opposite view and want to suggest a guest for me, please post the suggestion on the blog or email me at  The Space Show will air all sides to an argument and controversial issue with the only rule being civility.

Please post any comments or questions you might have for Marshall on our blog.  I will be sure to forward your comment to him but the response will be up to your blog post is up to Marshall.  Feel free to email Marshall through me here at The Space Show.

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Marshall's climate observations with space, especially commercial space

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10 Feb 2023 Marshall Martin
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