Broadcast 889 (Special Edition)

10 Feb 2008 Dr. John Jurist
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Guest: Dr. John Jurist. Dr. John Jurist, long time friend and supporter of the Space Show, was the guest on this slightly over 2 hour Sunday program. In this discussion, we covered many topics including science education, human factors, the balkanization of various components of the space industry , radiation, microgravity experiments, commercial space, suborbital and orbital space tourism, spaceport talk, and more. Dr. Jurist was asked about his science education ideas and what he would do to improve science education so he talked about rocket clubs and what it does for those participating in them. He also spoke about the importance of hands-on building and tinkering with things and what it means to fail and how this teaches vital concepts, and much more. He talked about being an activist with school boards, teacher groups, classes, etc. A listener asked him about the Teachers In Space program, not to be confused with the NASA Teacher in Space program, and you will want to hear what he says about this program as a tool for improving science and space education. One significant part of our discussion was the continuation of the negative talk that goes back and forth in some segments of the space community. Listen to what he says about this and why it's so destructive. He was also asked about the vibration issues with Ares 1 and he spent time explaining this problem to listeners as well as talking about possible solutions. I added in some information I learned both in Huntsville and at the National Space Forum this past week. Toward the end of the show, we discussed a killer app for justifying manned spaceflight. You do not want to miss what Dr. Jurist has to say about this subject. The issue of other nations, especially China, going to the Moon was discussed. Listeners provided some relevant comments from their own experience which added to this discussion. This is a comprehensive two plus hour show covering many important topics and issues facing our emerging space industry and our public space program. You can send your comments or questions to Dr. Jurist through me at



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