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We welcomed Derek Webber back to the show for our commercial space discussion focused on Derek's new book and the developing commercial space industry.  During the first segment of our 93 minute program, Mr. Webber, who has more than 50 yeas in the business, talked about why his book was unique in addressing commercial space topics.  He summarized his 50 years in the business, especially with all aspects of the satellite industry and how this industry has and is continuing to change.  He had much to say about smallsats and cubesats as to being the leaders in the industry change.  For most of the first segment, our guest talked about unique features in the industry, progress being made, events like the Google Lunar XPrize, the development of Google Earth and more.  Derek also mentioned of the availability of new technology that was not around in earlier years. One thing he focused on was the Go Pro camera. 

Space tourism was a major topic in this segment.  Here, Derek said we needed reusable launch vehicles which he addressed at this time.  Listener Karen asked him about repeat space tourism customer.  There was no answer for Karen.  B John sent in a note suggesting that the name of Old Space should be "Cold War space.  Derek talked about this suggestion for a few minutes.  He then addressed cislunar and NASA transitional changes and a focus on lunar orbit.  Before the segment ended, we talked asteroids and property rights which he covered in his book.

In the second segment, we talked about Derek's concept, Gateway Earth and the Gateway Earth Development Team.  Gateway Earth is about expanding space development and exploration using the commercial model, including space tourism, to underwrite the costs in partnership with the government.  A major part of the program involves having a GEO destination for tourism and other commercial projects.  Derek talked at length about his concept and he has asked for feedback about it.  You can find out more at  Also check out Derek's commercial space website,

Dr. Doug sent in a note suggesting that tourists going to GEO would first be going to LEO.  He suggested a tourist might have both a LEO and GEO experience.  Derek confirm this approach.  I followed this up by asking Derek if he had a time line for Gateway Earth.   He suggested 20-25 years.  Then he talked about the need for reusable tugs.  A listener asked him about fuel depots and space settlements.  Derek then brought up 3D printing and confirmed the need an approach for space settlement as being essential.  He said settlement was the only rational for humans in space. 

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Derek's new book "No Bucks, No Buck Rogers: Creating the Business of Commercial Space"

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10 Apr 2017 Derek Webber
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