Broadcast 211 (Special Edition)

10 Apr 2004 Dr. Michael Gaffey
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Dr. Michael Gaffey was the guest on this edition of The Space Show. Dr. Gaffey explained to Space Show significance the findings to date regarding the Mars rovers and their discoveries. We talked about the potential for life on Mars now, in Mar's past history, and even the old Viking experiments that searched for life. We talked about the possible event(s) that changed the Martian atmosphere to what it is today and the significance of that change for us here on Earth. We then focused on Venus and talked at length about Venus and the lessons we on Earth should be learning from the planet regarding its possible significance for our survival. Dr. Gaffey explained to us that the risk was higher of something happening to Earth in a similar way of what happened on Venus than on Mars. We talked about future scientific exploration programs planned for Venus and their importance. We then shifted the focus of the discussion and Dr. Gaffey brought us up to date regarding near-earth impact objects and the state of the art in dealing with them. He was asked questions about manned space travel regarding the Moon and Mars. We concluded the program by discussion the issues surrounding bringing back to Earth samples from Mars and they of containment or quarantine procedures will be in place for such sample return missions.



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