Broadcast 277 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

09 Nov 2004 Mark Wolverton
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Mark Wolverton, the author of the new best selling book, "The Depths of Space: The Story of the Pioneer Planetary Probes," was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Wolverton took us through the history of the Pioneer planetary probes and helped us to understand their importance and contribution to our space program and scientific world. We discussed the science that resulted from the Pioneer probes, the technology that made them possible and the simple approach to the use of technology which enabled the Pioneer probes to work so well so cost effectively. Mr. Wolverton stressed that a large part of why Pioneer was so successful and so important came from the work and leadership of Charlie Hill, the Pioneer Project Manager. Mr. Wolverton talks extensively about Mr. Hill and this is an important part of this interview. Mr. Wolverton also talked about Pioneer in terms of it being a model for current space projects. He also addressed listener questions about manned vs.. unmanned spaceflight given the outstanding success of Pioneer, Voyager probes and the successful Mars robotic missions. Mr. Wolverton is the first Space Show guest to discuss Pioneer and its important contributions to our modern day world. You will not want to miss this program and you will definitely want to get his book and read it.



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