Broadcast 1086 (Special Edition)

09 Jan 2009 Mike Snead
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Guest: Mike Snead was our Space Show guest today to discuss his recently released energy study, "The End of Easy Energy and What to Do About it." To get your copy of this report, visit and click on the SSP white paper link on the left side of the page. During our discussion, Mike took us step by step through his research, analysis, and conclusions regarding energy issues facing our nation and the world between now and the end of this century. He shows how we will be running out of various types of energy later this century and he makes the case for the utilization of all forms of energy plus starting an R&D program to develop space solar power. He received lots of listener questions, some very challenging to his thesis. SSP was discussed in the context of R&D for fusion and other forms of energy. We talked about land use, wind energy, and terrestrial solar power instead of space solar power. One of the issues brought to the attention of Mike was the possible environmental damage to the atmosphere with massive numbers of rocket launches. This is a discussion you will want to hear. The same goes for the discussions throughout the show about fusion, terrestrial solar power, and space solar power. Later in the program, we discussed our energy grid and its deteriorating condition. Mike acknowledged the poor condition of our grid and that it needs to be improved regardless of the source of any new energy flowing into it, but his report does not address grid infrastructure. This is an important program for us all to hear. Mike Snead also has a blog where you can comment on the report or his appearance on The Space Show at . If you have comments or questions for Mike about this show or his paper, please email him at



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