Broadcast 1102 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Dr. Eligar Sadeh. Topics: Contested Space Domain, space weaponization, Iran, nuclear missiles, China and the ISS, treaties, space advocacy, military space, Israel. PLEASE NOTE THAT DR. SADEH EXPRESSED VERY STRONG PERSONAL OPINIONS IN THIS DISCUSSION REGARDING IRAN, ISRAEL, NUCLEAR WEAPONS, AND SELF-DEFENSE. THESE OPINIONS ARE SOLELY THOSE OF DR. ELIGAR SADEH. DO NOT ASSUME THESE OPINIONS APPLY TO THE SPACE SHOW, THE HOST, OR ANYONE ELSE. Dr. Eligar Sadeh spoke with us about U.S. space policy in the context of contested space and cooperative space. You will want to hear this discussion. The discussion then migrated to the issue of weapons in space and here Dr. Sadeh talked about space policy and rogue nations, specifically Iran. Dr. Sadeh was most outspoken about his comments regarding Iran, space, their recent satellite launch, and nuclear weapons. His comments sparked lots of listener questions and more guest opinions about our potential space and weapons policy as well as that of other nations. During this two hour and fifteen minute program, Dr. Sadeh spoke about education, leadership and space management, Congress, and much, much more. In fact, this was one of the most comprehensive far ranging Space Show programs with Dr. Sadeh who has been on the show many times. Later in the program, we discussed the peer reviewed journal Astropolitics and he offered to send listeners various articles from the journal if requested. He also said he would like to do special Space Show Astropolitics journal edition, sort of "The Best Of The Space Show." Listen to his idea and tell us what you think of it. Such a project would need a special audio and text editor as well as targeted funding. Eligar mentioned some upcoming articles in the next issue due out in April 2008. Toward the end of the program, we talked about ITAR and Eligar offered his ideas for solving ITAR reform. Dr. Eligar Sadeh can be contacted with your comments, questions and journal article requests by using He wants to hear from you.



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09 Feb 2009 Dr. Eligar Sadeh
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