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Guest:  Trisha Navidzadeh;  Topics:  Commercial and NewSpace branding, commercial space investor community, target companies for space promotion, space media promotion, investing and more.

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We welcomed Trisha Navidzadeh to the program for this one segment 67 minute discussion regarding commercial and NewSpace branding, selecting the right target and media companies for space awareness & investment, research for the commercial aerospace sector and more.  We started our discussion with Ms. Navidzadeh by asking her how she got interested in space, specifically commercial space.  While her story was unique, many of us in the space community can easily identify with it as we too have been inspired by NASA and earlier space programs, great science fiction, futuristic ideas and concepts we would like to have in our lives.  Our guest mentioned inspiration via creative efforts in the past as well as those in the present, plus notice the impact on her of the need to understand our oceans.  It is worth noting her comparison of the knowledge timeline for the oceans with our space timeline for outer space.  For example, Trisha spent time talking about a NASA 60 year exploration history compared to our ocean history dating back to 4,000 BC!  Don't miss what she said about this.

Trisha next integrated us and our daily life to space.  Listen to how she did this with our culture and our ability to evolve into a brand new era.  From here, our guest talked about human spaceflight, suborbital, orbital, all of it, plus the need to bring this to the attention of businesses so that they can expand their commercial opportunities.  Listen to how Trisha sets out to do this with space and with companies that currently may not even know what they don't know about space.  It was a most interesting discussion.  Please let us know your thoughts about it by posting them on our blog for this program.

In addition, our guest put forth many of the challenges that she and others encounter doing this with today's non-aerospace companies.  Listen to how she talks space to her customers.  As a result of a few listener email questions, Trisha cited a few examples to illustrate her points.  One was Red Bull.  She also talked about the pharmaceutical industry.  Listen to what she had to say about both.  I then asked her about a specific company I had in mind, Purina, to make sure I understood her concept.  Don't miss how Trisha said she would suggest working with Purina.  I learned that my view of the company was too limiting as there was a way to start raising space awareness with Purina and others.  Let us know what you think about what our guest suggested doing by posting on our blog.

We talked about the NewSpace train, a term Trisha used.  She said that from 2009 to today, there had been a 360 degree evolution in our thinking and interacting with space.  Motivation and inspiration has never been higher than now.  She assigned a great deal of credit for this to Elon Musk.  Trisha then spoke about the SpaceIl mission, telling us the story of spilled TARDIGRADES on the lunar surface.  You can read about this here:  Notice how Trisha worked in this subject to the discussion along with the SpaceIL DNA library which is now on the Moon and possibly can be used in future ways, some possibly even unknown for today. 

Much was said during the program about innovation and raising public awareness for space and the value for space.  We also talked about investor awareness and risks.  We then got an email from Barbara in NY asking about targeting ad agencies since they plan and carry out much of the media buys for corporations.  Later, I asked Trisha if the fantasy side of space hindered corporate space awareness decisions.  She mentioned Mars One as a possible example of what I was talking about.  Don't miss all of what she had to say on this subject.  We also discussed Asgardia.  Before we ended our discussion, I asked about customer concern for regulations along with human risks.  Don't miss what our guest said about each of these subjects.  With time left, we went into the topic of space settlement.  Trisha had lots to say about the Moon and Mars, then LEO and private orbiting stations.  Don't miss her comments.

As we were drawing to a close, I asked her for her company five and ten year plans.  Her response triggered me to ask about The Overview Effect as I found much that was similar in her commentary.  Trisha was not familiar with The Overview Effect so I spent a few minutes introducing her to it.   We agreed to say in touch and follow her space branding progress so expect more on this subject in the coming months and years.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  Trisha can be reached through me, LinkedIn and the address she gave out on air.




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09 Aug 2019 Trisha Navidzadeh
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