Broadcast 248 (Special Edition)

09 Aug 2004 Guillermo Söhnlein
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Guillermo Sohnlein was the guest for this edition of The Space Show. Mr. Sohnlein discussed space entrepreneurism, defining the applicable categories that fit space entrepreneurism. However, he made the important point that in reality, entrepreneurism in space is no different than entrepreneurism anyplace else on Earth. The only difference is that the business venture or opportunity happens to take place in space rather than on Earth. He underscored the need to move to this understanding. Mr. Sohnlein also discussed entrepreneurism in the context of the new space policy initiative, the Aldridge Report, and the coming presidential election. He explained in detail his International Association of Space Entrepreneurs (IASE), how to join, what its goals are, its membership, and the formation of community chapters. Listeners can learn more about IASE at This program is devoted to creating entrepreneurial space businesses. You will not want to miss it.



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