Broadcast 1220 (Special Edition)

08 Sep 2009 Dr. James A. Dewar
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Guest: Dr. James Dewar. Topic: nuclear rocket, breaking the taboo, private space development and industrialization. Dr. James Dewar was our guest to discuss his new Apogee published book, "The Nuclear Rocket: Making Our Plane Green, Peaceful and Prosperous." This book and his earlier book, "To The End Of The Solar System: The Story of the Nuclear Rocket," will soon be on the One Giant Leap Foundation book page as an Amazon partner. Buying these books from the One Giant Leap Amazon link allows Amazon to financially support The Space Show. Please see In Segment 1, Dr. Dewar provided us with an overview of the nuclear rocket and its history. We talked about the potential, its high ISP, and the basics of how the nuclear rocket works plus why its safe. Our caller asked about the old records and what was available to use in starting the program again versus what would have to be done from scratch. As you will hear, lots of files and records were lost but there still exists data from Los Alamos and other research locations and companies. I asked Dr. Dewar what would be changed with modern engineering and he suggested many thing but focused on slush hydrogen. We also talked about the Rover/NERVA project the tensile strength of graphite and how that was improved upon. In this segment, Dr. Dewar introduced us to the idea of breaking the taboo and using the nuclear rocket to launch to LEO from Earth. He talked about the lifting potential of the nuclear rocket based on 1968 Rocketdyne tests. In Segment 2, our caller asked Dr. Dewar to explain his Space Charter Authority (SCA) concept. Don't miss this discussion. We also asked Dr. Dewar how the nuclear rocket led to peaceful and green programs. Again, don't miss this discussion. Later in this segment and at the start of Segment 3, the issue of fear and concern regarding nuclear came up, especially in the context of the nuclear bomb/weapons programs with Iran, North Korea and others. Also in the final segment, Dr. Dewar stressed the need to do the necessary studies as part of the process to move forward with developing the nuclear rocket program including the policy programs essential to supporting it. In this segment, Jim described the NASA free launch program as an incentive to involve lots of people and inspire the public to participate and benefit from the nuclear rocket program. We talked about a literature search for nuclear rocket papers in recent conferences which Dr. Dewar pointed out usually addressed going from LEO to Mars. Breaking the taboo to go from Earth to LEO with the nuclear rocket is the program Dr. Dewar outlines in his book. If you have questions or comments for Dr. Dewar, please email them to me at and I will forward them to him.



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