Broadcast 770 (Special Edition)

08 Sep 2007 Dr. Jim Pass, Mel Marsh
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Mel Marsh and Dr. Jim Pass were guests today for an excellent discussion about astrosociology and the coming sessions on this topic at Space 2007 in Long Beach, CA. Jim and Mel gave us a comprehensive discussion on astrosociology and its importance to our developing a space-faring culture and economy. As a result of listener questions, the subject of academic bias was talked about, something both Mel and Jim have experienced. Jim talked about the status quo within the sociology world, we talked about academic programs offering this subject, students being able to pursue a thesis topic in this area and much more. We also talked philosophy regarding the need for astrosociology for developing space settlements, long term space flight crews and much more. One listener linked results from the Dittmar Associates report re the 18-25 year old lack of interest in aspects of space development to the missing touch of humanities and astrosociology in the space world, a world dominated by engineering and hard science. Both Jim and Mel addressed this cultural bias as well. Dr. Pass has a full session planned at Space 2007 so if you are planning to be there, check it out in the schedule to be sure to attend. There is also an astrosociology dinner on Thursday evening of the conference. If you have questions or comments for either guest, please email Mel through me at You can do the same for Dr. Pass or you can email him at Visit his website, as it has many fine academic papers and other items of interest, all free for your download and review.



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