Broadcast 551 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

08 Sep 2006 Tim Pickens
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Tim Pickens returned to The Space Show to discuss updates with Orion Propulsion, space developments, commercial space business basics, and much more. In addition to understanding the success behind Tim and Orion, we talked about COTS, CEV, budgets, Congress, etc. Tim discussed in some detail his role with Space Ship 1 and its development. We talked about hybrid engines as well as methane engines and getting commercial customers, financing, investment and the overall commercial space market as it exists today in 2006. In response to listener questions, Tim discussed his rocket powered truck and bike, his plans for the coming X Prize Cup in Las Cruces, NM, and much more. You will not want to miss this show and the insights you will get from this discussion with Mr. Pickens. Tim Pickens can be contacted through his website, or through me at



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