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Listeners: (1:30 AM PDT Oct. 8, 2019)

Due to the extremely hot and dry weather where I live in Sonoma County in Northern California, plus multiple other Northern California counties, there is yet another standby alert for our electric utility company, PG&E, to shut off power until the weather conditions change. This particular power shutdown could impact more than 600,000 people in Northern California.   Parts of Petaluma which is where I live and broadcast the show is on the potential shutdown list but so far my address is listed as not being impacted.  This is a fluid issue with PGE making changes and updates by the hour.  Should the power shutdown in my area happen, it could start Tuesday early evening to anytime on Wednesday through Wednesday evening and last until Thursday night or possibly later.  Some areas are being told they will be without power for up to five days or until PGE thinks the weather has improved .  PGE says it will provide advance notice of an actual shutdown if possible.  If I do receive an advance notice that my power is being turned off, I will do my best to post a message right here on the website plus I will notify impacted guests and clear The Space Show schedule for the projected days without power. 

Please regard this notice as a possible explanation should you tune in for a show over the next few days and find that there is no broadcast..  The same would be true should you try to call or text me or use email for in a total power shutdown, cell phones will not work nor will there be any internet service. 

I am hoping my part of Petaluma is spared a power shutdown but right now it is too early to tell.  For those of you interested in this unique approached approved by the PG&E federal bankruptcy judge and the state PUC plus the governor and all, here is the PG&E emergency information website:  You can search for news by looking for PGE power shutdown Petaluma, CA.

As of the time of writing this advisory message,, I am planning on broadcasting the Tuesday evening show as planned and all other programs this week.  If this changes with later information, I will do my best to update the situation with a new advisory message posted to The Space Show website.

Thank you for your understanding.  Be happy you don't live in Northern California or PGE land.

David Livingston

Dr. Space





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08 Oct 2019 Dr. David Livingston
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