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Guest:  John Hunt;  Topics:  physics, the Nobel Prize, advanced propulsion, space solar power and more.

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We welcomed John Hunt to the program and appreciated his coming on board at the last minute due to the cancellation by our planned guest.  This was a 2 hour 13 minute two segment discussion on physics, the Nobel Prize, Nobel winners, dark matter, advanced propulsion including nuclear, fusion, EmDrive and other exotic concepts including the Mach thruster work. In addition, we talked extensively about space based solar power.  As I have done before, a good way to summarize this show is just to repeat the tags/key words here as they generally follow the order of discussion and represent the topics talked about.

Tags/Key Words:  Nobel Prize in Physics, black hole at center of Milky Way, Sir Roger Penrose, Higgs-Boson, stellar collapse, quasars, Big Bang, string theory, space based solar power, SSP economics, super conductors, Kerr-Newman black hole, John Mankins, Tory Bruno ULA, advanced propulsion, nuclear propulsion, nuclear thermal power, specific impulse, ion propulsion, Vasimir, small ion thrusters, exotic propulsion, Mach Thrusters, EmDrive, water as nuclear fuel, LEO solar satellites, SSP and birds, microwave beam power, laser beam power, CO2, fusion, solar and Green New Deal, government contract corruption.

We had multiple callers for this program plus listener emails.  While discussing physics, our first topic, we took our first call from Fremont John who immediately jumped us to the topic of space solar power.  The caller and our guest talked SSP economics, Fremont John cited commentary by Dr. Zubrin on this subject, then our guest turned his attention back to discussing physics and black holes.  He talked about new developments with super conductors.

Marshall called next to talk physics and engineering about the pressure regarding the new superconductor advancements.  Don't miss what Marshall and John talked about.  SSP came up in their discussion as did Dr. John Mankins who is well known and respected for his SSP research and work. Our guest returned to talking about the field of physics for the current year, 2020.  While doing so, he extended his topics to include dark matter.  John then discussed primordial black holes. 

Gene from Pasadena checked in regarding our earlier comments pertaining to SSP.  Gene referenced about his White Paper which sent to many inside the Beltway plus Tory Bruno of ULA per his conversation when Tory was on the show a few weeks ago.  Gene repeated his idea in making the case for SSP by linking it to the Green New Deal.  SSP economics, launch costs, maintenance and more were some of Gene's comments. 

After Gene, John went back to his physics discussion.  This time we talked about the everyday impact of physics in our lives. The practical versus just the academic.  John briefly discussed applied physics, laser physics and then I asked him for a quick update on string theory. 

For our advanced propulsion discussion, John focused on nuclear thermal propulsion and specific impulse. He mentioned water as a fuel per the work of Logan and Adamo regarding their Aquarius nuclear thermal rocket that uses water heated to over 3000 degrees Celsius to solve many human interplanetary transportation issues.  John did talk at length about water as a possible nuclear rocket fuel.  Before ending this discussion, John mentioned ion propulsion, Vasimir, and exotic propulsion which he said included Mach Thrusters and EmDrive.  Additional topics in this section included a look at the private sector capabilities with advanced propulsion and the issue of why we still don't have nuclear rocket power and more. We thank Ben and Carol for their emails on these issues.

We heard some more from Gene in Pasadena on SSP.  Mostly he was responding to listener comments about birds getting fried by the SSP beam and the choice of a microwave or a laser beam.  Listen to what he had to say on all these issues.  He even addressed SSP malfunctions and mentioned a Dr. George Sowers Cislunar 1000 ULA report on this issue.

As we moved to the summary of the program, John talked about nuclear being a green fuel, he talked about fusion challenges including those coming from the alternative fusion arena.  David in Arizona sent in a quick note wanting to know why the green movement was not embracing nuclear.  Somehow the final topic of the day dealt with government contract corruption.  I asked John about his experience since he worked on fighter aircraft.  I wanted to know if he saw or experienced any gov. contract corruption. This was an interesting commentary that brought us to the end of the program.

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physics in 2020, advanced propulsion, SSP potential and more

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08 Nov 2020 John Hunt
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