Broadcast 220 (Special Edition)

08 May 2004 Sylvia Engdahl
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Sylvia Engdahl returned to The Space Show for this program to discuss the importance of becoming space-faring in light of new developments regarding space development, the President's space policy initiative to return to the Moon and go forward to Mars, the success of the Mars rovers, and our current political and economic situation in the United States. In addition to learning from Ms. Engdahl's perspective on these important issues and new developments, we spoke about her space work which is available on her website, Specifically, we talked about the "Hymn for Spacefarers," "Early Space Poetry," and new forthcoming work on "Religious Views of Extraterrestrials and Space Travel." Ms. Engdahl continues to bring interesting, timely, informative, and most of all, very important perspective and analysis to Space Show listeners as she is one person who understands just how important it is for humanity to be in space. We look forward to her returning as a guest to The Space Show in the coming months.



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