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Guests: Responsive Space Live Audience. Topics: Responsive Space issues, affordable space, Israel and small states, Apollo 13, PR, California space issues. This was our annual live audience Responsive Space program from the 8th Responsive Space Conference in Los Angeles. There were no breaks in the show. We started the program with a discussion led by Dr. Jim Wertz who opened the conference with the admission that this might be the last Responsive Space Conference. Thus, we discussed the significance and the progress so far of the responsive space programs and concerns. This was a far reaching discussion addressing affordable space access, available launch services, the Israeli space program and the importance of responsive space to smaller states and much more. Many in the audience participated with Dr. Wertz including Col (ret) Yoram Ilan-Lipovsky, Gary Moir, Dr. Richard Van Allen, Robert Jacobson, and others. Dr. Wertz et al stressed over and over again that space was too costly, missions take too long, decision making takes too long and in comparison to our earlier space accomplishments, there was no justification for this today. Listen to the examples given from the past and then see where we are today. Our participants offered suggestions for why we are stuck where we are today so see if you agree. You will also note that many of the issues being addressed with the responsive space and military/government space communities are the same as we address in the commercial and private space environment, along with NASA and our civil space program. Listen to what our Israeli participant had to say about small nations and responsive space as well as the Israeli space program. As you will hear, affordable space assets are crucial to small countries. Also, note their missions involving F-15 rocket launches. Listeners asked about the problems being more of a procurement issues rather than something else. See if you concur with what our audience participants said about this. In addition to the responsive space topic, Gary Moir and Jim Busby talked about the upcoming plans for the Apollo 13 reunion celebration. Much is planned for this event and you can find out more by visiting Later in our discussion, several of the audience participants talked about responsive space issues eventually being supportive of commercial and human spaceflight issues. Much was said about strategic versus tactical policy and decision making as well as programs. In addition, backups were talked about for responsive space and as you will hear, we are operating with zero backups! CubeSats were part of our discussion, the need for launches was discussed and the QuakeSat program was discussed. Toward the end of the program, we talked about the California space workforce, California political candidates and our space economy, and the need for the space industry to be more effective in promoting the potential of the economic potential of the industry rather than waiting on politicians to do it for us. Robert Jacobson spoke about the possibility for PR to be used to help promote responsive space issues. Don’t miss this discussion. If you have questions or comments regarding this show or those that spoke, send them to me at and I will direct your comment to the most applicable person.



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08 Mar 2010 Pamela A. de Liz, Dr. Jim Busby, Gregory Emsellem, Col (res) Yoram Ilan-Lipovsky, Robert Jacobson, Gary Moir, Dr. Richard Van Allen, Dr. James R. Wertz
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