Broadcast 1117 (Special Edition)

08 Mar 2009 Guenter Wendt
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Guest: Guenter Wendt. Topics: Flight crew safety, space tourism, Shuttle, Ares 1 & 5, safety checklists, STEM education, technical training & items. Guenter Wendt was our guest today to talk about the new release of the paperback version of his book published by Apogee, "The Unbroken Chain." As Mr. Wendt was the man in charge of flight crew safety for all manned missions, he outlined safety protocols, what was involved in maintaining safety, and the use of lists detailing credible events that could happen and then what they would do if one of those things did happen. We applied his flight crew safety knowledge to the NewSpace industry with space tourism vehicles and the modern day NASA with not only the shuttle, but the Constellation program consisting of Ares 1 & 5 vehicles. Guenter spoke with us about educational outreach and lecturing to students in grade school through college as well as their parents. You will want to hear what he says about our educational system and the importance of technical training and being happy with the work you do and your career choice over and above picking a field because of the potential for making large sums of money. As a result of a listener question, Guenter told some great stories about jokes they all played on each other and said it’s doubtful such "gotchas" could be done in today's politically correct world. He also gave us insights into the lives of the two chimps, Ham and Enos. Don't miss that discussion, especially the part on how they trained them to do the required response at the right time. His book, "The Unbroken Chain," can be ordered from Amazon or by going to Apogee website and I strongly recommend it. If you have comments or questions for Guenter Wendt, please send them to me at and I will forward them to him.



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