Broadcast 682 (Special Edition)

08 Mar 2007 Darel Preble
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Darel Preble was the guest on this program to discuss the Space Solar Power Workshop, Institute and Power Institute (SSPI). Visit to follow the discussion. We began the interview with Darel explaining to us what the SSPI is, some facts about the potential use of space solar power, and how it might be developed. He also explained the Sunset Corporation idea which is modeled after the successful Comsat Corporation which helped develop the telecommunications industry. If you like what you hear about Sunset, follow Darel's suggestions for helping to bring to reality. We discussed many of the obstacles, barriers and solutions to achieving SSP. We talked about it from the economic point of view, national security, environmental, and alternative energy perspectives as well. This was a hard hitting, factual program, also containing vision, leadership ideas, and the why of the necessity for moving toward SSP. I urge you to listen to it and see if you don't think there is a way to move in this direction despite the obvious obstacles. But given our reality, it appears worth it to solve the barrier issues to developing SSP. You can find out more about SSPI and our discussion topics today by contacting Darel at We also talked about those interested in training to be able to effectively lobby members of congress for SSP so in addition to contacting Darel, you can contact Mark Wallach at Make sure you put "spaceshow" in the subject line of your email. Don't miss this show. Its informative, its interesting, and its problem solving. Its hope for the future with reason. Its not about limitations and hunkering down. Its about going forward to the future. Let Darel Preble hear form you.



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