Broadcast 315 (Special Edition)

08 Mar 2005 Ed Buckbee
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Ed Buckbee, author of the new book, "The Real Space Cowboys," was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Buckbee described his book which will be available from Apogee Publishing in May and which has contributions in it by former astronaut Wally Schirra. We talked with Ed about many subjects stemming from the Mercury Astronaut period. One of the more fascinating parts of the discussion was the surprising information on the competition between the astronauts and the chimps in the early space program. I am quite sure this discussion will interest and delight you. We also talked about JFK and his vision, comparing it to President Bush and his vision, taking into consideration the context of the times we were in during the Cold War and our present day circumstances. Mr. Buckbee was asked about heavy lift vehicles needed to reach the Moon, about von Braun and his interest in going to Mars and what NASA and our space program would have been liked were von Braun still with us. Mr. Buckbee spent considerable time discussing the NASA culture today and the culture when he was associated with the Mercury-Apollo programs. His thoughts on the present NASA culture meeting the challenges of the new space exploration vision are certainly worth noting. Mr. Buckbee also spoke about needing new launch alternatives, nuclear power, and the limitations posed by chemical rockets. As Ed Buckbee was the founder of U.S. Space Camp, he also spoke to us about the camp and what it offers for those interested. This is another Space Show program you will not want to miss.



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