Broadcast 1170 (Special Edition)

08 Jun 2009 Ben Shelef
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Guest: Ben Shelef. Topics: space elevator, power beaming, tether, CNTs. Ben Shelef was our guest today to discuss the upcoming 2009 Space Elevator Challenge with upwards of two million dollars in prize money to be given away by NASA Centennial Challenges. You can follow this discussion and learn more about the games by visiting Information about the Spaceward Foundation can be found at Ben explained the power beaming contest, how the criteria had changed from last year and what happens in the future if all the money is won this year. He also briefed us on the six teams in the contest. We talked about how the press/media could be at the event but for everyone else they can see it on NASA TV or the website above. Ben also told us about monuments and historical sites at Dryden and Edwards for those that were able to come to the event. In later show segments, we talked about the space elevator presence at NewSpace 2009 at NASA Ames on July 17 and the tether challenge set for Seattle area on August 13 during the Space Elevator Conference in Redmond which runs from August 13-17th. Listeners asked Ben lots of questions about the space elevator, the CNT cable, LEO access, its proposed equatorial location. If you have questions or comments for Ben Shelef or want to know more about the upcoming Power Beaming Challenge July 14-16 at Dryden, please contact Ben at



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