Broadcast 3047 Barry Levin

08 Jan 2018 Barry Levin
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We welcomed back to the show Barry Levin to continue our ongoing discussion about 4th industrial revolution manifesting tools for space and our economy. Please note that we experienced poor audio on the show, first with his digital line which eventually died.  His later cell phone audio was not very good either. I apologize for this inconvenience.  During the first segment of our 93 minute program, Barry talked about AI and robotics.  He also addressed the fear angle about AI taking all our jobs and people being put out of work.  Our guest refuted these negative and fear mongering scenarios and offered us a different perspective of AI contributing to economic growth and jobs.  We spent much of the first segment on this subject so make sure you hear all of what Barry had to say.

Barry addressed the fact that Elon Musk talks about the concerns and fears regarding AI and our future.  He offered general explanations for thinking this way but thought it was bad to be presenting a fear posture regarding the future of AI.  Let us know if you agree with Barry's perspective and why or why not.  Please post your comments on our blog.  Share your ideas with us.  As you will hear, Barry definitely minimizes the downside of AI in our future plus he believes that there are ways to mitigate job loss problems.  Let us know what you think of his ideas as het put them out on our show.  In addition, you will hear Barry say he wants to hear from the listeners so please do post comments and questions for him on the blog. 

Other topics in the first segment included Moore's Law, IBM Watson, exponential change and technology development. Before the segment ended, Barry talked about peoplebeing able to engage with these sophisticated tools with a high school level education.  He actually had much to say on this specific topic.  3D printing came up with other specific tools used for space as well as the general economy. `

Listeners had questions for him including Joe who wanted to know about cubesats and 4th industrial tools.  Helen asked about venture capital and what they thought about entrepreneurs basing their business on 4th industrial type tools.  Don't miss what Barry said in reply to Helen. Paula, a high school guidance counselor, said she was not familiar with 4th industrial tools, did not know about it regarding her career guidance and educational guidance work.  Barry had interesting things to say to Paula in response to her question so don't miss his reply.

In the second segment, we mostly talked about cryptocurrency.  Barry explained how they worked and because of the concept of fractional money, cryptocurrency would be representative of the future economy.  Barry spent most of the second segment explaining this to us.  As an example, he talked about a cryptocurrency known as Iota Coin.  In fact, Barry talked about doing Space Show experiments with cryptocurrency. I spent lots of time getting him to explain his concept and then offered an experiment around my writing The Space Show book I have talked about on earlier programs.  Barry grabbed the idea and thought that would be a good demo project to illustrate to our listeners the advantages of cryptocurrency and more.  I told Barry I would work with him on such a demo after I completed my upcoming move so stay tuned for this project to develop.  If you have ideas or thoughts about it, post them on the blog so Barry and I can see them.

Before we ended the show, Barry offered quality closing comments so make sure you hear what he had to say.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this show.  If you want to reach Barry, you can do so through me.




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