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Guest:  Michelle Evans; Topics:  X-15 today, Michelle’s continued X-15 presentations, X-15 interest on the global stage, Antarctica, Drakes Passage, films and books, Michelle’s classic X-15 book “The X-15 Rocket Plane: Flying The First Wings Into Space” and much more.

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We welcomed Michelle Evans back to the program for updates on X-15 history, her latest presentations, X-15 interest globally plus some X-15 history we had not previously discussed.  As with other programs, please use the tags, repeated below, as a guide to all of the subjects and topics discussed on the program. 

Tags:  Michelle Evans, Mah 25 Media, X-15 Rocket Plane, Book: The X-15 Rocket Plane: Flying The First Wings Into Space, X-15 pilot Joe Engle, global X-15 interest, X-15 program discontinued and disappointments, X-15 pilot pay, remaining X-15 rocket planes, remaining B-52 carrier planes, X-15 espionage, one crashed X-15, AIAA interest and X-15 talks, X-15 and the younger generations, X-15 goes to Antarctica, Drake Passage, Mike Mars book series, Mercury 7 steals X-15 thunder, astronauts and test pilots, congress and X-15, VP Nixon, X-15 in the movies, Michelle as the X-15 human repository of X-15 history, X-15 in children’s books.

One of the stories I found most interesting was when Michelle talked about going to Antarctica to talk about X-15, the interest there among those hearing her talk, plus her perspective on visiting the area. I especially appreciated her telling us about her experiences crossing the Drake Passage -twice!  This is probably the roughest body of water on the planet as its where the Atlantic Ocean joins the Pacific Ocean.  Don’t miss her sharing her experiences with us. In addition, she told us about X-15 showing up in children’s books related to the area plus we talked X-15 in the movies.

Earlier in our discussion, I found the questions relating to the pay the X-15 pilots got to be interesting so don’t miss what our guest said about that. Related to that, Michelle talked about X-15 being brushed aside by the media in favor of the Mercury 7 and the emerging space program.  I asked Michelle about the X-15 pilots and their relationship with the Mercury 7 astronauts.  Listen to what she said about that as her response might surprise you. A bit later in the interview, Michelle was asked if there were espionage issues around what X-15 was doing.  She said no that it was an unclassified project, but we learned even more from her on the subject so be sure to hear all her comments on this topic.

As you can see from the tags, other topics and items were talked about on this program.  Please be sure to post your comments/questions for Michelle on our blog for this show. You can reach our guest through me or her website, Mach 25 Media.




Michelle presents new X-15 info and material.

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08 Aug 2023 Michelle Evans
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