Broadcast 372 (Special Edition)

08 Aug 2005 Dr. Peter H. Diamandis
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Dr. Peter Diamandis returned to The Space Show for this update program regarding the X Prize Organization and the Zero-Gravity Corporation ( and Dr. Diamandis brought us current with the X Prize and informed us about the coming X Prize Cup to be held in Las Cruses, NM October 7-9, 2005. For full details about the X Prize Cup, visit the X Prize website but first listen to this program as Dr. Diamandis provides a detailed explanation and description for all aspects of this three day event. Even Zero-G flights will be available with reservations limited as they will be on Saturday, Oct. 8 and possibly the morning of Sunday, Oct. 9th. Reservations should be made at the Zero-Gravity website. Our discussion with Dr. Diamandis included him telling us about his experience working over the years to fund and make the X Prize successful. We also talked about insurance issues, going to the Moon, the Vision for Space Exploration, seeing businesses to develop a space economy and many related topics. Space Show listeners can contact Dr. Diamandis about his comments on the show, the X Prize Cup, the Zero- Gravity Corp. and more by using or



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