Broadcast 925 (Special Edition)

08 Apr 2008 Dr. Ethan Siegel
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Guest: Dr. Ethan Siegel was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Siegel is an astrophysicist at the University of Arizona and thus was highly qualified for the cosmological discussion which made up most of this program. We began our discussion with good working definitions for both cosmology and astrophysics. As you will hear, Dr. Siegel is a superb teacher and the use of humor weighs in strongly in how he presents his information, including from his website Many topics were discussed on the show including global warming and greenhouse gasses, sunspots, radiation, Mars, terraforming Mars, supernovas, and rocky planets. Regarding supernovas, a listener asked about the recent huge supernova that was visible here on Earth by the naked eye. Dr. Siegel explained what happened in a clear and concise way, don't miss this discussion. We also talked about the night sky in various parts of the United States, leading to a good discussion on light pollution and Dark Skies programs. He received many listener questions about Mars, even terraforming Mars. We asked about the potential for this so this is yet another part of the discussion you will want to hear. He also talked with us about the crab nebula and what it might portend for our future. Dr. Siegel issues Oscar awards to select winners in various categories in the space industry. His list of awards is quite humorous, so you will want to check it out at the Carnival of Space #43: Oscar Edition, If you have questions or comments for Dr. Ethan Siegel, you can send them to him via the Q&A page on his website or



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