SPECIAL NOTICE: AIAA Space 2017 cancelled, KSC trip cancelled

07 Sep 2017
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Listeners, as a result of Hurricane Irma, AIAA has cancelled Space 2017 for Orlando next week.  KSC is closing down for a few days and maybe longer depending the actual path of  Irma.  As a result of Irma, my visit to the Orlando area and KSC has benn cancelled.  The Space Show and I wish all our friends in the area and througout the path of Irma safety. The best would be for Irma to miss Florida or turn backout to the Atlantic.  In any event, our thoughts and prayers are with all our Florida and area friends for their safety and well being.

Regarding Space Show programming for the week I was going to be gone, I am looking at some last minute options so check the website for program details. If any of you have any last minute guest suggestion or programming ideas, please email them to me at drspace@thespaceshow.com.

And again to our many friends in Florida and the area and to everyone there, please be safe.  For those of you with pets, please protect them and keep them safe.  Pets are a special interest of The Space Show as many of you know, especially dogs.  So keep your animal friends with you and safe.  

Thank you.



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