Broadcast 466 (Special Edition)

07 Mar 2006 Dr. Jim Pass
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Dr. Jim Pass was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Pass brings to our attention his unique area of special interest which is astrosociology. You can learn much more about this discipline at this website, Jim explained astrosociology during the show, talked about how to get more people interested in the sociology community and about the rapid growth the field is having in segments of the space community. He explained how the study of astrosociology is distinguished from modern day pop culture ET reporting and mythology and is a growing field within the social sciences. We also talked about astrobiology, space culture, the culture of the VSE, and the social consequences of workings in the space community, specifically engineers. We talked about the culture of lunar and Mars settlements, crews, and policy makers as their culture fits into the astrosociology social science field. Dr. Pass invited listeners to not only visit his website, but to contribute to the literature as explained on his site and to sign up for his newsletter either by becoming a member or supporter of his astrosociology work. Since the last time Dr. Pass was on the program in mid-2005, astrosociology has experienced rapid growth and acceptance within the space community. For example, Dr. Pass presented at the prestigious STAIF Conference earlier this year in New Mexico and has several important AIAA presentations planned and completed. He is also on the editorial review board for the professional journal, Astropolitics. You can email your questions or comments to Dr. Pass at



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