Broadcast 347 (Special Edition)

07 Jun 2005 Dr. Louis D. Friedman
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Dr. Louis Friedman, Executive Director of The Planetary Society, was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Friedman began the interview by explaining the origins of The Planetary Society and its present day uniqueness as a space advocate organization. We then discussed their project, Cosmos 1, a solar sail mission which launches in two weeks from a Russian submarine. For details on this mission and to follow its progress, visit Listeners asked Dr. Friedman many questions about the new space vision mission, returning to the Moon, Mars, NASA, and Dr. Mike Griffin, the new NASA Administrator. Dr. Friedman discussed space nuclear power and engaged one listener who called in regarding various aspects of SETI and solar system SETI. This mini Q&A session dealt with all aspects of SETI including radio versus some other form of signals, searching in our solar system rather than deep space, NASA and JPL contributions to SETI, and additional SETI topics. The Space Show is working up a special SETI program with the listener who called the show tonight so watch future newsletters for information on this developing program. Dr. Friedman was asked about the membership of The Planetary Society and space advocate organizations in general. He provided listeners with an honest and very direct appraisal of space advocate organization membership challenges and competing forces. We also discussed lobbying for space and motivating the public for its support of space programs and funding. During the first part of the program, Dr. Friedman discussed ITAR as related to the Cosmos 1 project. Listeners can contact Dr. Friedman through the organization's website, or as always, by sending your note to me at



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