Broadcast 1151 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

06 May 2009 David Hosley, Michael Leventhal
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Guests: Michael Leventhal, David Hosley. Topics: Space Investment Summit #6 (SIS-6), space hospitality, space tourism. Our guests started out introducing us to the SIS program and in particular, SIS-6 with its new panel format and specific focus on space hospitality, tourism, and entertainment. Both Michael and Dave described the panels and this new format in detail and to me, it appears to be a real winner. Check it out. You can get more information about the agenda, the panel speakers, and SIS-6 by visiting In addition to talking about SIS-6, we were introduced to the concept of the Banner Center for Space Tourism concept for grades 9-12. If this interests you, get in contact with Michael or Dave and see if you can help put such a program together for your high school of interest. During our discussion, we talked about the seven human spaceflight companies working to move us off Earth, plus we addressed financial, market, and economic issues for the industry. Listeners brought up some very good points in that space tourism is completely a private sector effort without government involvement. We also talked about the many terrestrial business opportunities that have potential in and around the centers where space tourism will take place, the spaceports, and in general to support the developing industry. Our guests also discussed some of the vehicles being made for space tourism and the companies so you will want to hear these updates. If you have questions or comments about SIS-6, please use the Contact button in the upper right hand corner of the Space Investment Summit website or use If you have specific questions for either of our guests, please send your note to me at and I will forward it to the person you designate.



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