Broadcast 116 (Special Edition)

06 May 2003 Robert Pearlman
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Robert Pearlman is the featured guest for this program. Robert Pearlman is the editor and founder of, the first and largest online community and resource site dedicated to space memorabilia collectors. During this program, Robert discusses the details of space memorabilia collecting, especially with regards to items from the Moon and the Apollo era. This is serious business, rapidly growing worldwide, and surprisingly, many items that have been in space from both Russia and the United States make it into the hands of collectors. Robert also discusses efforts to raise money for those studying space and science matters in school through their silent auction of specific space collectables and how items that are being colleted are certified and verified has having flown in space. This is a most interesting program, providing Space Show listeners with a look at a commercial space industry that is succeeding and growing right here on Earth!



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