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We welcomed back Dr. Mike McCulloch to the show to discuss his analysis of EmDrive along with the recently published peer reviewed article by Eagleworks Labs. If you have not yet read this peer reviewed paper, you can find it here:  To be fair, there have been many critical reviews of this paper.  Here is one that you might find interesting and credible:  During the first segment of our 89 minute discussion Mike focused on explaining EmDrive and said that in his opinion, it does work but more research is needed.  We talked about the very tiny thrust effect and how that might be scaled up to be useful for actual space propulsion.  Dr. Mike then explained how the EmDrive could be scaled up for useful thrust and propulsion. 

One of the elements discussed throughout our program was the effect of Unruh radiation.  In addition, our guest discussed the zero point field, his own predictions, and the essential use of dielectric materials.  Listener Kathy, after listening to Mike discuss this material, asked why it was essential to test EmDrive in space instead of on Earth using some sort of Earth-based vacuum chamber.  Mike explained why the vacuum of space was preferable, talked about the famous Cavendish experiment and said doing it on Earth would be controversial in its findings.  For those of you not familiar with the Cavendish experiment, you can find out about it here:

Tony from the UK asked a series of questions about fast growing bamboo and the lack of reaction to the bamboo's upward growth.  Neither Dr. Mike or I could adequately respond to Tony's questions which were good questions.  When Dr. Jurist called at the start of the second segment, I asked John to answer Tony's questions which he did in detail.

Before the first segment ended, our guest was asked about doing garage type experiments to validate EmDrive.   He also had much to say about further research to validate the EmDrive thrust and the differences he predicted by changes in the metal cavity of the EmDrive.  Don't miss what our guest had to say on these issues.

In the second segment, Dr. Jurist called to talk EmDrive but first I asked him to respond to Tony's questions.  Don't miss his response but he did say upward growth produced tiny effects in the downward motion.  I asked if those downward movements had been measured and all we got back was that they were very tiny effects but real.  John's reason for calling was his being skeptical about EmDrive.  He explained to Mike the basis of his being skeptical which you need to hear for yourself.  Mike and John had a great discussion about the points John was raising regarding EmDrive.  These points and probably many more would have to be satisfied by further EmDrive research for EmDrive to be accepted by the science community.  Don't miss this discussion.

Our guest talked about out of the box research and science which led us to our discussing LENR.  He said there was too much reliance on old text books. He prefers to look at new directions.  I asked him to explain what he meant by old textbooks.  Hint:  It has nothing to do with the date when the book was written. Again, don't miss what Dr. Mike had to say about this.

In his response, he also talked about horizons and making horizons.  I asked if his courses were available online. So far they are not but he said he was thinking of posting some of his lectures to his website which is  He also mentioned posting papers on Research Gate (  Once you long into the site which is free, you can search by the author's name for published papers and references. 

Before our show ended,  Dr. Mike talked about his work with galaxies, dwarf galaxies, galaxy rotation and his predictions working out without the need to add or consider dark matter.  He had much to say about this and you can read some of his papers at his website blog.  For example, read his paper on dwarf galaxies,  One more thing that Mike pointed out was the critical article about his EmDrive and other work in a recent Forbes Magazine article.  You can read the Forbs critique of his work here:  Mike has requested Forbes print his response but he said he was still waiting to hear on that from Forbes.  In the meantime, he wrote a response which you can read on his website here:

Please post your comments/questions on The Space Show blog for this show on our website.  You can reach Dr. Mike McCulloch via the email address he gave out on air, his blog website, his faculty website at Plymouth University (  




EmDrive analysis

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06 Mar 2017 Dr. M.E.(Mike) McCulloch
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