Broadcast 1523 (Special Edition)

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Guests: Chris Carberry; Artemis Westenberg. Topics: Explore Mars, Inc. and various Mars focused programs and awards. Please note that you are invited to comment, ask questions, and discuss the Space Show program/guest(s) on the Space Show blog, Comments, questions, and any discussion must be relevant and applicable to Space Show programming. To learn more about the programs discussed in this show, the Mars Exploration Magazine (MEM) and more, visit You can also register for the conferences discussed during this program. In the first segment, we talked about the upcoming NTSA Awards with science teachers at the conference this week in San Francisco. We also talked about the other conference hosted by Explore Mars, The ISSMARS-DC Conference at George Washington University. Listeners asked questions about a time line for a humans to Mars mission and if it would be a public, private or combination of both type of mission. Our guests were asked about the impact of the domestic and global economic problems on Mars missions and the timeline. Other listeners wanted to know more about Mars and the need for heavy lift rockets. In the second segment, Chris talked about Explore Mars at the upcoming ISDC conference in Huntsville as well as other special events that have taken place and will be taking place. A listener question asked about the Mars Direct program and if there was any interest in it. Later in this segment, Larry in San Diego mentioned the need for real political leadership. This turned into quite a discussion so don't miss it. John then called in from Atlanta to advocate nuclear propulsion for Mars. In the final segment, Chris talked about his recent experience meeting Congressman Barney Frank regarding humans to Mars, commercial space, and our space program. Don't miss how he assessed this meeting as Congressman Frank is not a friend of much of the space program. Both of our guests spoke about policy and throughout the program, Artemis shared with us some European highlights and space policy issues/awareness things throughout the Netherlands. Toward the end of the program, we talked about finding microbial life on Mars and what this may mean for Explore Mars and their efforts to get a human to Mars. We got a perspective from each of our guests plus listener feedback to their two sets of comments. The issue of human factors for long spaceflights came up with listener Bill in Virginia. Again, both our guests opined on the subject. Don't miss their comments. What do you think? If you have a question or comment, please post it on the blog URL above. You can also email Chris Carberry at Artemis can be emailed at



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06 Mar 2011 Chris Carberry, Artemis Westenberg
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