Broadcast 1116 (Special Edition)

06 Mar 2009 Dr. Neville Marzwell
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Guest: Dr. Neville Marzwell. Topics: Space Solar Power, power beaming, leadership, public & private sector risk buy down, Elon Musk, electric cars. Dr. Neville Marzwell was the guest for this Space Show program to discuss his Space Solar Power (SSP) presentation from the December 2008 ATWG Conference. Dr. Marzwell's power point presentation, "The Technical Challenges for Space Solar Power" can be sent to you upon receiving your request. It’s 20 MB so to send it, I will need to use a large file transfer service, so let me know if you would like a copy of this PowerPoint. Our discussion broadened from SSP to include the use and need for all energy sources to meet the needs of the United States and other nations. Dr. Marzwell discussed the alternatives, costs, and technical challenges, as well as the policy leadership issues that have so far held us up in pursuing many available energy options. We talked about the status of our power grid, the Smart grid, and getting substantial power into our grid regardless of the source. Dr. Marzwell also put forth his ideas for a successful SSP type of venture. Note the concept to start small and build up from what is reasonable today. He mentioned this idea many times through the show, even when talking about the need for large numbers of chemical rocket launches for the traditional large scale SSP plan. Business plans were part of the discussion and you will want to hear what Dr. Marzwell said about a three year time period for progressing toward an ROI! SSP as a weapon was discussed as was the use of laser power beaming technology. The advanced development of electric cars and new improvements in lithium-ion batteries was discussed along with reference to the cars being made by Elon Musk. I believe this to be a must listen to Space Show program. If you have any comments or questions for Dr. Neville Marzwell, please send them to me at and I will forward them to him.



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