Broadcast 1187 (Special Edition)

06 Jul 2009 Jeff Roth
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Guest: Jeffrey Roth. Topics: Hollywood films, blockbusters, documentaries, "The Wonder Of It All", Moonwalker astronauts. Jeff Roth, noted documentary filmmaker, returned to The Space Show to discuss his outstanding documentary film, "The Wonder of It All" which tells the humanistic side of the moon landings through the men who actually went to the Moon and walked on the surface of the Moon. Jeff interviewed seven of the nine remaining Moonwalkers and in this film, you will hear about the experience in their own words. This film has won numerous film festivals – check it out on the film's website, Jeff also gave us an important, relevant, and insider look at Hollywood and the modern day film industry. At times during our discussion, we learned as reality what many of us have suspected in that only the bottom line now matters. Talent, creativity, art, and more are subjugated to only the bottom line. Several listeners sent in questions about how to get the public more interested in space and space films. Suggestions covered many potentials including making space more applicable to regular people rather than just the astronaut family. You will want to hear what Jeff said in response to this particular comment. We also talked about the importance of the oral history of the Apollo moonwalkers as they represent a treasure for humanity and our nation. This film is a significant contributor to this important oral history. Jeff Roth will be going around the country for showing and signing opportunities. One place you can find out about his schedule is the following website: The listings are in alphabetical order so scroll down to Roth. You can contact Jeff Roth with your questions and comments through is website at or directly at



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