Broadcast 3247 Open Lines

06 Jan 2019 Dr. David Livingston
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Guest:  Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston; Topics:  Space Show 2019 changes, feedback, fundraising, Advisory Board, stronger 2019 programming, To The Stars Academy, unidentified areal events, lunar policy and impact and much more.

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Welcome to our one segment almost two hour program in which we talked about Space Show change for 2019, our Advisory Board, stronger programming, guest recommendations and other feedback, our lunar policy and more.  For the first part of the first hour of our program, we talked about Space Show changes for 2019, feedback issues, fundraising, stronger programming, and guest recommendations.  I also addressed a new way in which I would be using the new Advisory Board for 2019.  Top among the changes has been the elimination of the Monday program once we broadcast the already planned Monday programs for January and part of February. We opened our phone lines after going over some suggested topics and events for our program.

Kim of Moonwards was our first caller.  We talked about her ongoing work with Moonwards, her demo which I have been trying out and China landing on the far side of the Moon.  Kim had much to say about China and returning to the Moon so don’t miss her comments.  Our discussion then move to humans getting back to the Mon and we talked about how best to energize and excite the public.  Once again, I urge you to listen carefully to what Kim had to say about exciting the public, returning to the Moon, our lunar policy and more.  We want to hear from you so let us know your opinions on these subjects by posting on the blog for this show.

Freemont John called next given he had sent me a Bloomberg article titled  "Moon Landing May Fuel China’s Push to Other Galaxies."  You can read it here:  I had not read it since John just sent it during the show but John did say it was on the light side.  John and I then talked about the latest SpaceX photos of the Starship which are very science fiction oriented.  You can find lots of photos of it on the web but here is one set that may interest you:  I also asked John about the fan based website,  Check it out when you have time.  We talked about upcoming SpaceX lunar launches and then John talked about Ultima Thule photographs now returning to Earth.

Our next caller was John Hunt of Ft. Worth.  With Ft. Worth John, we talked about the video he sent me re To The Stars Academy.  John posted the links plus much more about this organization on the blog and I urge you to check out the material, especially the first link that John posted which is the 30 minute video I mentioned on air.  If you want watch, it let me know if you think I should do a Space Show program with some of the people from the video.  Later we heard from Judy in Seattle who saw the video and supported the idea of a Space Show program with some of those in the video.

We skipped the break for this show and took the next call from Terry.  He talked about wanting to see another Pluto type of follow up mission from New Horizons.  I told him about the Decadal Survey and suggested that he should check it out as that pretty much determines planetary science missions for the next decade.  You can read about the Decadal Survey at lots of locations on the web but here is a NASA page explaining it:   Terry also inquired about possible SpaceX and other delays for ISS and such due to the government shutdown. 

We next took a call form Gordon in Virginia.  He commented on ways to use the Advisory Board, especially for screening certain referred or self-invited Space Show guests.  I thought his idea was Ok but probably not all that desirable given Advisory Board members are not planning on meetings, etc.  In fact, a few listening to the program emailed in saying they did not like the meeting suggestion and suggested I just email them all the info asking for their opinion.  It was interesting that I got the opportunity to put this new screening filter into play the morning after the Sunday OL show with a guest recommendation from a Space Show Friend.  Advisory Board member Michael Listner let us know his opinion on what Gordon was suggesting as did a few others who were listening to the live broadcast.  By the way, I directed Gordon to read the guidelines for the Advisory Board at and to join us.  Fremont John suggested these guests be invited to the Open Lines show which is usually something I do but seldom do these potential guests accept the nod to call an OL show.  I'll keep trying on that.

Please post your questions/comments on the blog for this show.  If you want to get in touch with any of the callers, you can do so through me.  Thank you for supporting The Space Show.




Open Lines, Space Show changes for 2019, tell us what you want to talk about, first time callers welcome

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