Broadcast 866 (Special Edition)

06 Jan 2008 Chris Carberry
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Guest: Chris Carberry. Chris Carberry, the National Political Director for The Mars Society, was our guest today to discuss space policy and particularly the space policy of the 2008 presidential candidates. We started the program by listing the current presidential candidates, from Hilary Clinton to Fred Thompson, and discussing each candidate's known space policy or lack thereof. As we discussed each candidate, listeners sent in further comments or questions about that candidate. You will want to listen to what Chris has to say about these candidates and their views on space . During the program, Chris referenced a article by NSS member and former Space Show guest, Bart Leahy. You can read Bart's article about what various candidates have said about space by visiting The subject of independent candidates came up several times, including independents with a strong space vision. As you will hear, Chris did not believe a candidate could be elected just by having a strong space vision or policy. We talked about what sells for the candidates and learned that education and technological innovation are particularly strong themes to stress when talking about the space program. Chris spoke to us about past presidential campaigns and his similar work. This lets us see that this year is not much different from the past in terms of the presidential candidates. However, his team is getting better at asking questions and getting the desired information from the candidates. In response to a listener question, we learned that there have been staffers or candidates which have been members of space advocate organizations and are space enthusiasts. Some of them have even been to space camp! Unfortunately, it does not always translate to a candidate having a strong space policy. Another listener asked him about candidates and their degree of aversion to risk in general and in space, as well as to more or less regulation for the space industry. Chris replied that risk and regulations have not been part of their analysis with any candidate so far . Towards the end of the program, he provided insight on how best to communicate the space message to candidates and our representatives. You will certainly want to hear what he suggests we do to convince politicians to make space a higher priority. Chris invited your comments, suggestions, questions, and overall feedback. Simply send him your email at Please reference The Space Show in your subject line. Chris will be back with us in a few months as more becomes known about the space policy and positions of our 2008 presidential candidates.



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