Broadcast 1100 (Special Edition)

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Guests: Dr. Robert Kelley, Dr. George Seielstad, Nate Ambler, Joseph Kerian, Mark Grygier, Ben Schilling, Michael Thomas, Pablo DeLeon. Topics: UND multidiscipline educational vision for space and more, AgCam, spaceflight simulators. This special program consists of various segments separated from each other by about 5-7 seconds of spacing as there are no breaks separting the different interviews. We started this special taped set of interviews with an interview with Dr. Robert Kelley, the 11th President of the University of North Dakota. During this discussion, I asked Dr. Kelley about the unique facilities here at UND and how these facilities can serve a truly multidiscipline space studies program and even the bigger picture for UND. Dr. Kelley expanded on what I said and discussed the overall vision he has for UND and as you will hear, space is an important part of the UND vision. For students wanting a space education, you can hear the intensity of the commitment to space studies from the university president himself, so don't miss this interview. Our next segment was with Dr. George Seielstad, the Director of the Northern Great Plains Center for People & the Environment at UND. Dr. Seielstad developed UMAC and AgCam so you will hear how this program came about, what its purpose was and is and why it's so important to farmers in this region, but also anywhere as the program can be expanded. You will also hear how AgCam remained alive after the shuttle program was in limbo following the Columbia accident. Following Dr. Seielstad, we talked with the AgCam students who will be manning various stations once AgCam is turned on around March 20 on the ISS. You will hear what each student does at each duty station, their background, and qualifications to enable them to work these programs which will make AgCam so important. Note that the students are cross trained on the other positions as well. For the final segment of this special UND program, we return to Space Studies and to the Spaceship Simulation Lab which is the brainchild of Pablo DeLeon. Pablo built a SpaceShipOne simulator and he has an Apollo simulator. He has software that can fly any profile of any spacecraft from the X-15 to docking with the Gemini to the Apollo-Soyuz handshake to any mission a student wants to fly. Listen to how Pablo describes flying SS1, the X-15, docking with Gemini and more. In a previous interview with Pablo, we discussed the Apollo capsule, but this was the first time we talked to Pablo about the simulation lab complete with SS1 in it. Students coming to UND SpSt have some one of a kind opportunities to learn and expand their base and knowledge about space from flying spacecrafts to working on a real project on Station such as AgCam. I took photos in the AgCam lab and also in the simulator lab and they will soon be up on The Space Show FaceBook site. I will be sure to announce it on air when those pictures have been uploaded. If you have a question or comment about any of the guests participating in this unique UND Space Studies recorded program, please send them to me at and I will forward your comment or question to the person(s) you request.



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